Ambulance for obese people - - Jackson, MS

Ambulance for obese people

By Bert Case - bio | email

The ambulance has a special stretcher that can hold up to 1,600 pounds in the down position and 850 pounds in the normal position. That compares with about 500 pounds for the stretchers now commonly in use.

It will cost a patient about $300 more for the new ambulance. It comes complete with steel tracks to allow the stretcher to be pulled up into the ambulance by a special winch with a steel cable.

"We are very grateful for all these years, the fire departments and community volunteers providing lifting assistance, for the heavy patients, and this arrangement, this outfitting of this truck, it does help free up those extra rescuers. We are seeing more and more patients now, 350, 400, 450 pounds" said AMR spokesperson Jim Pollard.

People like EMT Mark Andrews, who works for AMR, are glad to get the assistance the new ambulances will offer them in the field.

"It's gonna cut down on back injuries, shoulder injuries, any type lifting injury, that we have been having, this will help to cut down on that. This protects the dignity of people if you are moving them it doesn't make them feel so awkward when you are moving them" said Andrews.

AMR will have two of the ambulances in this area, one in Yazoo City, the other in Jackson.

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