City to auction more than 300 vehicles - - Jackson, MS

City to auction more than 300 vehicles

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Some of the cars are in running condition, most are not. These are seized or stolen vehicles, many of which have been picked up off the streets after being abandoned. There is a $10 non refundable registration fee.

City of Jackson employees are prohibited from bidding. There are many worn out police cars as a part of the auction. The city of Jackson is not responsible for obtaining title to the vehicle. Auctioneer Nick Clark, who also heads the Hinds County Reserve Officers Association, told us about the auction.

"This is the kind of place, that for $300 you can find a car. Now the condition is gonna vary. Some are stolen, some are abandoned, some are seized, I mean these cars run the gamut, from things you know, that are ready to be crushed, all the way to something that just needs to be cranked up and driven off," Clark said.

The city has more than 300 cars out here that will be auctioned off. You can buy them with a check or cash. The only trouble with these cars is they are sold as it, with no guarantees and it is up to you to remove it from the lot.

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