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Special needs sisters receive help

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BROOKHAVEN, MS (WLBT) – Last week we introduced you to the Mangum sisters of Lincoln County, two with special needs struggling to live on their own.

Monday we returned to Brookhaven to see the changes and the long road still ahead for them.

Mamie Mangum took us on a tour of her home after volunteers came in this weekend and removed debris.

When we met Carrie and Mamie Mangum they were having trouble maintaining clean and healthy living conditions.

Linoleum has been laid on the floor and new living room and dining room sets replaced the old furnishings.

But there are still concerns.

"Somebody came last night they pulled that screen they were prowling around and they cut this and pulled this screen door. I feel like I'm safe because everything is basically in God's hand," said Mamie Mangum.

"I'm not their caretaker, but I was just put into that situation when their mother died," said Dana Herring.

Herring, who said he owns his own trucking business, led that cleanup effort.

The Brookhaven resident said he has been paying the Mangums' bills and taking them to the doctors appointments for 23 years.

"I get Carrie's check that's what everyone has been harping on me about, Carrie's check. But by the time they pay gas bill and water bill and try to eat for the month that check is gone," said Herring.

Nikki Hall first introduced us to the Mangums.

"We're not trying to single anybody out, not trying to say anyone didn't do anything. People did what they could do, but they need better. They need more," said Hall.

Ella Holmes is Hall's aunt and has worked with a group of Brookhaven residents to provide food and clothing for the sisters.

She turned to her husband John, a private contractor, who has lined up others in construction who want to volunteer help.

"This is a neglect not just started but from time. I see a lot of new stuff, new wine thrown in an old bottle. My goal is to see the house redone, stripped out, redone, new floors, sanitized from inside out," said John Holmes.

Herring said he had not been allowed inside the Mangum's home and that Mamie provides a grocery list that his family often fills because he is on the road.

Meanwhile others continue to help the sisters, who saw a doctor Thursday.

But they remain skeptical of strangers and fearful that by speaking out they've angered the people who have helped them over the years.

We will continue to monitor their progress.

Nikki Hall and Ella Holmes are working with a network of people to establish the Mangum Foundation to help the sisters continue living on their own.

If you would like to help you can call Nikki Hall at 601-291-0494, Ella Holmes at 601-327-9397 or Saundra Lloyd at 601-435-1472.

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