Eaton Aerospace eyed for F-35 parts production - - Jackson, MS

Eaton Aerospace eyed for F-35 parts production

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By David Kenney - bio | email

With 500 employees, Eaton Aerospace in Jackson is one of the premier parts suppliers to military aircraft builders.

It's still awaiting approval from congress, but a new aircraft called the F-35 could have a large impact on future jobs at the plant. 

The F-35 is only in slow rate production now, but the hope is it will be embraced for use in all branches of the military. 

Currently about 20 people are employed building the parts, but if the aircraft is approved, the workforce building the hydraulics for the fighter at Eaton could double.

 A flight simulator was put on display for the media at Eaton Wednesday, showing the aircrafts capabilities.

"Outstanding stealth capabilities against highly capable threats that will evolve out there, also the flexibility designed into the airplane it supports the full spectrum of operations," said Kevin Smith, Director of F-35 domestic business development.

The F-35 flies much like a video game, unlike the older cockpits controls are have been streamlined into a touch screen display.

It's not made for dog fighting, but rather to sneak up on the enemy and take them out, before they know you're there. 

It comes in three models, the most fascinating called "stoval" which can hover, and land vertically.

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