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Thousands in appliance rebate cash still available

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By Brandon Artiles

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - If they act fast, Mississippians can get a piece of $400,000 in rebates that the state has allocated for purchasing energy efficient appliances.

 State officials hopeful that the funds will provide a stimulus similar to the one they saw in April when the program initially kicked-off. 

"Cowboy Maloney's had the biggest sales weekend in the history of their store on launch weekend and then I know the Sears in Ridgeland was the next weekend biggest sales in the history of their stores," said Karen Bishop, Mississippi Development Authority Stimulus Division Director. 

Consumers reserved rebates on a first-come first-served basis in April and the $2.8 million dollars was gone in two months. As it turns out, not all of those that reserved rebates used them. 

"We built up a pretty substantial pot of money from unredeemed rebates," said Bishop. 

The process kicked off again on Wednesday morning and retailers are ready to help those looking to replace old, inefficient appliances. 

"People who want to save a lot of money, $150 on a washing machine, $60 on an air conditioning, $75 on a refrigerator," said Con Maloney. 

Cowboy Maloney's is even helping consumers through the process. 

"We've realized that even though it's not complicated, all the steps need to be followed, so we determined we would do all those for our customers." 

If you want to know if money is still available look no further than the Mississippi Rebate website.  There they have a tally of how much money is left in the state pot. 

According to Bishop, "Over $50,000 has already been reserved since yesterday, so just if that trend continues we'll see all this money go in 8 days."

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