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3 on Your Side: Richland dumping continues

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By Bert Case - bio | email

RICHLAND, MS (WLBT) - When 3 on Your Side first did this story, Richland Mayor Mark Scarborough immediately went to the spot when we brought it to his attention.  He said if he had lived next door to what was being dumped there, he would have called WLBT, too.

He ordered it immediately removed but said the city would still need to do erosion control on the lot but would stop the dumping of large loads of concrete.

The man complaining, 55-1year-old Mike Fayard called 3 on Your Side again, saying our report solved his problem for a while, but the city was back in the dumping business.

"You did pretty good work the last time, you know, they stopped," said Fayard.  "I didn't see any more ditch witches, dumping sewage, or whatever it is they are dumping there, but it's where they are starting now to dump pipes, large concrete pipes, big slabs of concrete.  I mean it's an eyesore.  It's just a lovely view if you want to have a barbecue on our side deck. Ah, it's just wonderful.  It's a scenic wonderland. 

3 on Your Side contacted Richland Mayor Mark Scarborough, and he said the water department had dumped some dirt here, which is necessary for erosion control, but he would order that no big pieces of concrete be dumped here.

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