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Eagle rehabilitated and released, but returns

 By Bert Case - bio | email

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The eagle was released the 20th of June near where she was originally found at Tara.

Eagles don't get white heads until they are three to five years of age. She seemed to fly away with no difficulty. But, 33 days later the lady who had been caring for her, Wildlife Advocate Becki Bolm of Vicksburg got a call saying the eagle had been found again at Tara, July 23rd, sitting in the middle of the road, once again unable to fly and starving.

It was Becki to the rescue one more time.

"This lovely guy named Jake Williams helped us, by wearing big moccasin boots, and we went in the swamp and grabbed her. And she had a huge injury to the elbow of her wing. We are gonna give her a couple of months, and then I will probably take her to Mississippi State, or LSU and let them asses it and make sure she really is releasable," Bolm said.

Becki hopes she will fully recover and can once again be released into the wild, but if that does not happen she plans to keep her and make her a demonstration bird, so children can see an eagle up close. So the bird,which will be named Phoenix is making another recovery in captivity in Warren County and Becki hopes she has already regained her health.

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