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JSU tows cars in cracks down on illegal parking

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Imagine walking to the spot where you left your car and finding an empty space.

It happened Wednesday on Jackson State's campus where some students found out it wasn't theft but a crackdown by police on towing illegally parked cars.

The sight of wrecker trucks was a shock for J.S.U. students who did not heed the warning of towing and tickets for cars parked in prohibited areas.

"It's gonna be a rude awakening. I got towed yesterday," said J.S.U. senior George Handy.

During the day, driver after driver returned to the spot where they parked their car on campus only to find it either gone or riding piggyback on a tow truck.

Campus police issued tickets and directed the removal of cars occupying spaces in no parking zone.

Students complain that there aren't enough parking spaces on campus and said even with decals they are ticketed and have no avenue to contest it.

"You paid your $3,000.00 for tuition to get a decal and have a parking space but now you can't even park on the side of the Jackson State campus without getting towed. You know there's no parking zone signs," added Handy.

A statement from Jackson State University said, "Jackson state university students, staff and faculty are encouraged to purchase yearly $40.00 parking permits (decals) for the university's parking lots. The university offers ample parking on the west end of campus in the Eastview parking lot behind the President's Guest House and around the Lee E. Williams Athletics and Assembly Center."

According to the statement, the university's Department of Public Safety issued numerous announcements reminding students that as of September eighth parking would not be allowed on John R. Lynch and Prentiss Streets along the west side of campus and in no parking zones.

J.S.U. officials said illegal parking and failure to buy a parking decal will resulting in a $50.00 parking ticket or a towing and ticket fee of $135.00.

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