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Homeowners attack intruder

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Imagine confronting a burglar inside your home in the middle of the night. They are armed and you have to protect your family.

That's what happened to a northeast Jackson couple early Tuesday morning.

"When she looked around the couch she saw the intruder immediately. She's about five feet from him and they're just looking, that's when she starts screaming," said the homeowner who wished not to be identified.

Awakened by the noise, a north Jackson man ran to check on his wife. By that time, the burglar had run into his garage storage room.

The intruder injured himself severely trying to bust through a window. The only way out, was through the homeowners.

"When he starts to come out, I throw the stool at him, that diverted him, he ducks to miss it. At that point, that's when I hit him," said the homeowner.

"I threw him into my wife's car parked in the garage and throw him into there, and I pick him up, put him in a full nelson, a old wrestling move.  My wife grabs the first thing she sees, a leaf blower, she starts railing him hitting him with the leaf blower, after that, the leaf blower extension fell off she grabbed her tennis racket."

By this time, the burglar was bleeding from the face and hand. 

The homeowner says, "My wife opened the garage door, and I throw him outside, that's when the gun falls out."

The couple describes the intruder as a black male, 5' 10" tall, with a large build, facial hair, possibly in his late 40's.

He dropped their keys and wallet and his own gun, as he stumbled out of the garage after taking their beating.

Police also took samples of the blood he left behind. Evidence the homeowners hope leads to a quick arrest.

They had two children inside the house during the altercation.

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