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Word of Faith Christian Center in mega debt

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

An internal investigation is on-going after big changes at a mega church in Jackson. A local newspaper is reporting Bishop Kevin Wright made an abrupt, low keyed exit from the 4500 member Word of Faith congregation in Jackson months ago, over mega church debts.

Word of Faith International Christian Center in Michigan issued a response to the Mississippi Links' article on Bishop Wright today.

In part it read, "An audit revealed that the ministry had hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid debts in 2009, the ministry was $431, 000 in the red. However, the audit also showed that the deficit was not due to a theft in the operations."

Due to the alleged impropriety in the Jackson church, Bishop Kevin Wright, the Word of Faith Business Manager and the church's board members were replaced.

Pastor Wright's "moral failure" was also cited in the press release today as a reason for his replacement.

As WLBT News recently reported, the Mississippi Basketball and Athletics Center (MBA) on Westbrook Road, owned by Word of Faith International ChristianCenter, closed abruptly in August. Parents of children who attended the center were stunned at the news.

A giant "for sale" sign is now sitting on the grass in front of the property.

Two weeks ago, Word of Faith declined to comment. We have now learned MBA was closed due to the poor financial conditions of the Jackson church.

We were unable to contact former Bishop Kevin Wright.

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