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The pastor who threatened to burn a Koran had a change of plans

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GAINSVILLE, FL (WLBT)- The pastor who threatened to burn a Muslim book at his church Saturday now says his church will never burn a Koran.

 The "Burn A Koran Day" banner outside the Dover Outreach Church in Gainesville, Florida, was taken down this morning. The Reverend Terry Jones planned the burning in opposition to a proposed Islamic center near ground zero in New York.

Reverend Jones appeared on the Today Show and said he canceled his plans because he demonstrated that there is a dangerous element of Islam. Jones says he's received more than 100 death threats.  "Jones: "we feel we have accomplished our goal. We were obedient. We feel like god is telling us to stop, and we hope with us making this first gesture, not burning the Quran, to say no we're not going to do it.

 Anchor: "Not today, not ever".

Jones: "Not today, not ever, we're not going to go back and do it. It is totally canceled. We hope that through that maybe it will open up a door to be able to talk to the imam about the ground zero mosque".

 Jones says no meeting is planned with the imam who wants to build the center. But he hopes one will take place. We welcome your comments on this or any of the stories you've seen tonight.

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