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Gator hunters kill 68 on first weekend

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The first weekend of alligator season proved to be the best ever. Hunters harvested 68 alligators. That hunt was on the Barnett Reservoir and along the Pearl River above it, to the Low Head Dam.

Cory Rawson and his six friends, who worked out of two boats to capture a big gator. They caught it near Pine Island, which is about a half a mile down river from Eddie's Island.

It took about a 90 minute fight to dispatch the gator with a shotgun.

"He was snagged, got him on the first try" said Rawson. "We got three more hooks in him, he rolled on us, broke all our irons, the fight was on for about another hour. But after an hour we were able to get a snare around his tail, then one around his feet, and an additional one around his head."

Rawson's 44 year old friend, Gary McKee, actually shot the gator and destroyed a shotgun barrel in the process.

Alligator coordinator Ricky Flynt said a dark moon for both nights contributed to the success of the first weekend of the alligator hunting season.

He said 48 gators were taken the first night and 20 the second night.

They do it all over again next weekend.

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