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Alcorn student murder trial begins

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PORT GIBSON, MS (WLBT) – The murder trial of an Alcorn State University student is unfolding in a Claiborne County court.

Ten months ago Danielle Newsom was killed in an off campus shooting.

Tuesday a jury was seated and testimony against the accused got underway.

Twenty-two-year-old Eboni Bena White sat inside a Claiborne County courtroom during the first day of testimony accused of the fatal shooting death of Danielle Nichol Newsom.

According to prosecutors, White shot Newsom five times on the morning of November 12th of last year.

Newsom, the mother of a then three year old son Danuel, turned 22 years old just two days before her murder.

During opening arguments Claiborne County District Attorney Alexander Martin said the Alcorn university student was killed in a conflict with White over Newsom's young child.

Family members said the two women knew each other from attending high school in Port Gibson.

Newsom was shot in front of the off campus mobile home in which she lived on Highway 522.

The victim's family members said they still have not been told a motive, although they believe it involved White's encounter with Newsom's son's school bus.

"Something about she went around the school bus after the school bus had its stop sign out," said Newsom's aunt Mandy Smith.

Prosecutors presented two witnesses including a firearms expert who testified that the five bullets taken from Newsom's body matched a recovered .25 caliber pistol.

Attorney Jim Kelly is defending White.

He declined comment at this point in the case.

Newsom's relatives told WLBT that the accused has been treated too leniently and they said they are concerned about receiving a fair verdict.

"Two live are lost, but I want to make sure justice is served, not with her being able to just constantly walk around. She's never set a night in jail. She's still free," added Smith.

White was released on a $35,000 bond.

Danielle, called Nichol by her relatives, was a senior biology major, who planned to be a biology teacher.

The trial resumes Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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