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Medical Matters - 06/10/03 - 10 p.m. Report

Preventing Menstrual Migraines

By: Marsha Thompson

Some nine million women in the U.S suffer from debilitating migraines. More than half of them note an increased number of headaches just before and during their period. Now, Neurologists say you can prevent them, by taking a pill just a few days a month. "How are today?" For millions of American women, monthly menstrual periods cause more than just cramps and bloating... They trigger major migraines. Wanda Bernier,  is a migraine sufferer, "It's like someone pounding on your head. I can't function during the five days." Menstrual migraines are especially tough to treat...but you can prevent them. Results from several national studies show that a class of drugs called Triptans block menstrual migraines in most women. Neurologist Stephen Silberstein gave his patients the drug Frova.. He is professor of Neurology, Thomas Jefferson University,  and Director, Jefferson Headache Center "We gave frova just six days a month, around two days before the woman would be expected to get their headache and we found that over half of the women did not get any headache at all."

Some Neurologists think migraines occur when the largest nerve in the brain fire off substances called neuropeptides. They cause blood vessels to suddenly dilate and become inflammed. Frova prevents the nerves from firing and constricts the blood vessels. "Let me just have your head." "I noticed that I right way felt a lot better, I was able to function during that time of the month and get on with my everyday life." Frova is already FDA approved for the treatment of acute migraines, so you can take it immediately.... As long as your doctor gives you the okay. You should not take Frova if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or history of heart disease or stroke.

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