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Louisiana senate candidate challenges incumbent to "cage match"

BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC) - A candidate for David Vitter's senate seat wants to take on the incumbent, but it's not a debate or a town hall meeting. The independent candidate, Mike Spears, wants to literally step into the ring with Vitter.

Spears has challenged Vitter to a cage fight next month.

"The primary message is Mike Spears is the candidate that represents the people - and he's gonna fight for the people of Louisiana," said Mike Spears, Louisiana senate candidate.

And he wants his first fight to be in a steel cage with David Vitter. It's an odd challenge, and Spears says it's all to get his name on the radar.

"Nobody knows who Mike Spears is right now and I think it's important to know there's more than Charlie Melancon and David Vitter in this race," Spears said.

Spears began his formal M-M-A training earlier this month. He's challenged Vitter to three rounds at the Cajundome in October.

Spears says he wants to be so well known that he gets to be included in any debates between Vitter and Melancon.

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