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3 On Your Side Investigates: Evans had felony charges in Magee

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio|email|twitter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - On August 1, Magee Police arrested 18-year-old Dante Evans for a wild ride in a stolen Chevy Malibu with a Texas tag that was registered to a Honda Accord. Police say Evans was behind the wheel with three others inside, fleeing from police at high speeds north on Highway 49 when he sideswiped a Simpson County Sheriff's Deputy. He later rolled the car. No one was seriously hurt.

Evans was arrested for felony fleeing, possession of a weapon stolen out of Jackson, and driving a car stolen out of Jackson.

Five weeks later, Evans and Benjamin Gunn are charged with capital murder for robbing, then killing Jackson delivery man William Morris. They're also charged with numerous other felonies committed in a five-day time span, including shooting a 12-year-old boy at a Jackson motel.

When Magee investigator Randy Crawford found out about Evans' latest escapades, he couldn't believe it. "Found out after watching the news he had committed a murder," Crawford says.

After arresting Evans, Magee Police transferred him to Jackson Police so they could interview him about another felony charge that eventually turned into a misdemeanor.

Crawford spoke to a Jackson investigator about the transfer. "We told them to put a hold on him for the investigation of crimes we were charging him with, and we had faxed and teletyped the hold. We don't know what happened since then," he says.

Crawford holds the faxed request, which went to the Hinds County Jail, and the teletype request, which went to Jackson Police dispatch. "We do both. We'd rather do both. We also told 'em, so I don't really know why or how he got out," Crawford tells us.

Jackson police have responded, saying the felony charge against Evans that JPD needed him for was reduced to a misdemeanor trespassing charge because the complainant would not come forward. The case was transferred to juvenile court.

Jackson Police also say they never received a written hold request on Evans.

Evans has been indicted on the felony fleeing charge in Magee.

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