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Some west Madison County residents are without water for days

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Residents in the Kearney Park community in Madison County are going on six days without water and they said they are fed up.  Kearney Park is located just north of Flora.

About 484 businesses and households in the area have had little to no water pressure since Sunday.  West Madison Utility District Commissioner Nathaniel Johnson tells WLBT an old well collapsed and was shut down over the weekend.

Madison County supplied bottled water to drink and residents were instructed to boil any water available from the tap.

"It's enough to flush the toilets, but it is not enough to take a shower.  If you take a shower with that low water pressure it will mess up your hot water heater," said Kearny Park resident Diane Ingram.

"It would be nice to see them standing up and letting us know they are behind us.  Any expenses we might have to come away from they will be more than willing to cover.  We're required to pay our water bill every month.  They should be required to help us out," said another Kearny Park resident Deidra Ingram.

Flora Mayor Leslie Childress is working with the West Madison Utility District to hook up an emergency water line to one of Flora's wells.  Mayor Childress said the town is also considering selling that well to the district.

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