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Help begins to pour in for girl with foot disorder

By Ben Watson, WMCTV

MEMPHIS, TN - Ten-year-old Jada Alexander is struggling with a painful and mysterious foot disorder. After airing her story on WLBT and our sister station from Memphis, WMC-TV where the story originated, help has began to pour in for little Jada.

Mary Scola and Lisa Warren showed us the wheelchair they want to donate to Jada Alexander.

They saw the Action News Five special report about the 10- year-old's foot problem and called us asking what can they do to help.

"Because I hate to see people suffer and that little girl was suffering," Dorothy Scola, of Memphis said.

Scola says she can relate to Jada's condition because a couple of years ago she broke both of her ankles in a fall and couldn't walk for months.

"And I was in a wheelchair 9-months..!", Scola explained.

And now Scola wants to give that very same wheelchair to Jada.

So that when the 10-year olds feet become too painful to walk she will still have a way to get around.

"And this girl has got to pull deep. But she needs help," Lisa Warren added.

Lisa Warren also became emotional when she saw the story about Jada and her family.

Warren donated a cane and walkers she had to use after getting shot by a teenage carjacker several years ago.

"And a little 16-year-old thought he was going to take my car and I'm sorry he'd didn't take my car. I was beating the hell out of him. He had to pull a gun and shoot me or else I was going to beat him half to death," Warren said.

Both women also plan to give Jada special socks and these heavy duty feet booties.

And now Scola is pleading for others to pitch in and help Jada find a cure for her problem.

"It's just there it's like you know the Lord said if you can do unto your brother - if he's hungry feed him if he's thirsty give him a drink and this child can use anything I got," Scola added.

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