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Angry parent confronts bully on school bus

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL (NBC) - Officials in Seminole County, Florida are considering filing charges against a man who boarded his daughter's school bus to give her class mates a message.

Surveillance video from the bus shows the man used profane language and told the kids on the bus he would be back if they messed with his daughter.

Not quite two weeks ago a local father was first on a Sanford school bus.

It was clear he wasn't happy.

He makes his daughter point out students who had been giving her a hard time then it was his turn.

The parent says, "This is my daughter and I will kill the (expletive) who fought her."

The father may have gone too far.

Lt. James Clark of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office says, "He comes on and he takes control of that bus."

Investigators have been interviewing everybody on the bus that day.
They say the father didn't do enough to let the school district handle it that he never called the sheriff's office.

Lt. James Clark says, "Noone was given the opportunity to try to fix the problem before he crossed the line."

But is this illegal?

Lt. James Clark says, "Here you have an adult, a grown man who is probably by hand, able to carry out these threats to do serious bodily harm or kill these children."

The case is still under review.

Parent John Scalise says, "I think the father was out of line."

We described the incident to this dad he understands being protective.

John Scalise says, "Anytime you abuse a kid or verbally assault a kid, it can be pretty serious."

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office may seek charges of false imprisonment, disorderly conduct, interrupting a school function and assault.

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