Black Stallion Brought to Life - - Jackson, MS

Black Stallion Brought to Life

A group of students in Jackson and Hinds County were horsing around Tuesday morning, but it was all in the name of learning. Hundreds of fifth-graders watched a literary masterpiece come to life at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center, in a program by the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation.

The BSLF put on the performance for students that are reading Walter Farley's classic novel The Black Stallion. Students cheered as the elegant equines, courtesy of the Florida-based Arabian Nights, played out some of the scenes from the book and performed breathtaking stunts.

Organizers say this is no ordinary field trip and that the foundation's mission is to inspire children to embrace reading by interacting with the book's characters. The foundation's Deep South Regional Director Bonny Barry said this is their second year doing shows in Mississippi.

"Everyone knows how magical horses are to children, as-well-as to adults," Barry said. "We make the fictional horses in the book come to life and these children get hooked on reading."

Barry hopes what they are doing gets students in the start-gates of literacy.

"It just gets an interactive connection with the characters in the book and the horses, so they want to read more-and-more of the books," Barry said.

There will be a program open to the public, Tuesday at 7 p.m. The show will be in the Fordice Equine Center at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds and tickets cost $10.

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