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Dry conditions causing problems for cattle, homes in Miss.

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Jackson, MS (WLBT) It's been several weeks now since we've had significant rainfall. That's led to drought like conditions in many parts of Mississippi.

Dry soil is also causing problems for people's homes here in the metro area. Currently there are two Mississippi counties under burn bans because it's just so dry.

Right now, were not officially in a drought, but if we don't get some rain soon, we could be. The dry weather is causing the phones at Olshan Foundation Repair to ring off the hook.

Jackson general manager Rich Bond says, "Were seeing a lot of cracking, were seeing houses went from positive elevation, to where they may have been up an inch high now they're dropping an inch and a half."

Cattle farmers are beginning to panic because their grazing fields are disappearing.

"The grass starts to quit growing, goes into a dormant stage or kind of gets burned up so it's not available to the cows to eat, you're going to have to find other ways to feed those cows which can become quite expensive," says Andy Prosser from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture.

This year's weather, a drastic shift from the wet fall of 2009, when farmers could hardly get into their fields to yield their crops.

The dry weather this year makes for a better harvest season.

With all vegetation drying up around us, more burn bans will likely be issued in the coming days to prevent grass fires.

Many eyes will be looking to the skies for relief, but right now there isn't any rain in the forecast.

"I'd say over the next couple weeks if we don't have some rain were going to be facing some issues especially drought conditions statewide which could pose problems for farmers across the state," says Prosser.

Foundation repair experts recommend watering around the foundation of your home, to prevent shifting.

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