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Clinton High School takes innovative approach to homeroom

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio|email|twitter

A group of seniors at Clinton High School are spending their brief homeroom period in the computer lab. With their grade school career ending in mere months, they're planning ahead for the real world that's looming on the horizon. On Wednesday, they're writing up their resumes.

"Put your references last, put your education first, then do volunteer experience," says student Chad Blissett as he explains how to arrange a resume.

A well-written resume is not only a doorway to a good job, it can also help pave the path to higher education.

"I was going to send some to Hinds or State," says student Beka Brill. She's relishing the opportunity to work on her resume with an instructor's help. "It kinda helps you collect all you've done, just makes it easier for you," she says.

Cooperative Education Instructor Barbie Ferguson says at the end of the school year, she will have had every Clinton High School senior in the computer lab for at least two weeks of intense instruction. They're also learning how to seek out financial aid and scholarships. Some are getting job placement help.

"When they go back to their homerooms, their homeroom teacher picks up where I left off," Ferguson explains.

It's part of a program called Arrows in Action, designed so teachers can utilize every moment of classroom time.

Arrows in Action begins in a student's sophomore year. "They actually prepare for subject area tests. The juniors are preparing for the ACT," Ferguson says. "It shows in our scores. Our subject area scores are up, our ACT scores are up."

Clinton High School earned Star status on the latest round of the state's accountability tests. That's the highest status a school can achieve. The graduation rate within the Clinton schools is the second highest in the state, at 88.5 percent.

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