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Batman denies shooting involvement

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The man at the center of late Mayor Frank Melton's effort to rid the city of crime is back in the news.

For years, Albert "Batman" Donelson was known as the leader of the Wood Street Playaz, and named as a suspect in several murders and other crimes.

Albert "Batman" Donelson does not hide the fact he has a criminal history.

He says he's turned his life around since being released from a six year prison sentence for a weapons possession charge four years ago.

Earlier this week, Jackson Police named Donelson as a suspect in a shooting at the Pleasant Oaks Apartments. That was retracted a day later.

Donelson says he was disturbed when he heard his name being circulated in connection with the shooting, by police and city leaders.

He denies having any involvement. Earlier this month, Donelson was listed as a witness to another shooting, when his girlfriend Monica Collins was gunned down outside her home.

Donelson says although he was a victim in that case, his criminal history has created the perception, that he is still committing crimes.

Donelson says, "I'm an ordinary, normal person, I go to work. I get off at 5. Anybody work with me will tell you what type of guy I am and I just don't understand. I'm confused. I told the detective I'm confused, I don't know what's going on cause if it was something going on, if I was in the middle of it, they would know, Jackson would know."

Albert Donelson was acquitted on murder charges in 2006.

He says he has cut off his ties to the people who he used to hang out with, because they had a negative influence on his life.

Jackson police would only say they are investigating the shooting at the Pleasant Oaks Apartments, and that they have a person of interest in that case.

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