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Albert "Batman" Donelson back in jail

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - On Wednesday, September 22, Albert "Batman" Donelson talked openly to 3 On Your Side's David Kenney about hearing he was a suspect in a shooting at Pleasant Oaks Apartments on Bailey Avenue. Eventually, police removed Donelson's name as a suspect in that September 17th crime.

"If you're the victim, and (police) supposed to protect and serve, they attacking you? Who can you trust?" he said to us.

Perhaps not Donelson, as it turns out. Saturday morning, his house at Palmyra and Huron Streets was taped off as police and SWAT Team members investigated an aggravated assault that occurred just after 5 a.m.

Batman has been arrested for the incident, blunt force trauma to the head of 21-year-old Robert Crosby. Police believe the assault occurred outside the Huron Street house. Later Saturday morning, they found Crosby around the corner, outside the Star Grocery on Derrick Street. As of Saturday afternoon, Crosby was listed in critical condition at U.M.C.

Albert Donelson has long been linked to the Wood Street Playaz gang, although he claims that gang is only two people.

Back in April 2006, the late Mayor Frank Melton, displeased with Donelson's acquittal for murder, descended upon the Huron Street home looking for him.

Donelson just finished a six-year sentence for felony gun possession. He told us he'd turned over a new leaf.

"I am a convicted felon. I never try to hide that. That's nothing I hide. I'm not ashamed of whatever I did. I learned from it, and know how to go forward," he said Wednesday.

For now his efforts to move forward have taken a step back, as he sits in jail on a new felony charge.

On September 3rd, Donelson's girlfriend, Monica Collins, was shot while the two were standing outside her Jackson home.

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