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3 on your side alert: Why your passwords may not be safe

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Before we shop. Before we surf. Before we check out stocks, we type in our computer passwords. And we feel pretty safe as we cruise around the internet, especially if our passwords are complex.

But over at security giant, McAfee, Bruce Snell knows better. He knows that regardless of your password, hackers can break into your machine, one keystroke at a time. He sent over an email, posing as a screensaver. It's actually a hack. If someone open it, he can follow my every online move. Letter for letter, credit card number for number. It's the newest way hackers are getting inside your computer, finding and tracking everything about you.

"You get what we call a drive-by install on your machine," says security expert Joris Evers. "And without you knowing it, your key strokes are being captured, and you're being watched."

Which is how data is stolen, and your credit history can be ruined. So don't worry so much about your password anymore.

"The bad guys can steal that password from you, no matter what it is," says Evers.

Security experts say it's common sense that will protect you. Update your virus fighting software, and avoid any email or Facebook post that looks unfamiliar.

"Those password stealing programs, if you're running up to date security software on your machine, most of them will be detected and removed," Evers says.

Because it's good to be clever, but better to be careful.

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