No bond for Albert 'Batman' Donelson - - Jackson, MS

No bond for Albert 'Batman' Donelson

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - No bond for Albert "Batman" Donelson. A judge said due to the seriousness of the crime with which Donelson is charged, he wasn't going to grant bond at this time.

Donelson is charged with aggravated assault for beating Robert Crosby outside Donelson's home on Huron Street in Jackson.   The incident happened around 5 A.M. Saturday morning.  Crosby was found naked inside a grocery cart a few blocks away.

Crosby is hospitalized and is listed in serious condition.  His injury described as blunt force trauma to the head.

Donelson left court saying he saw men in dark clothing with walkie-talkies outside his mother's home, and he was just defending himself.

"They were on the side of my house, on my property, two of them wearing black, carrying walkie talkies", said Donelson as he left court.   "I was shot at two weeks ago, should I have to tell you more.

Donelson also told the judge he didn't have an attorney and needed a public defender.

Just last week, in an interview with WLBT, Donelson said he had left his life of crime in the past.

Donelson admits he may now be the target of violence because of his criminal history.

Two weeks ago his girlfriend Monica Collins was shot while standing with him on Buena Vista Street.  Donelson believes he was the target.

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