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Do trees in median pose danger to drivers?

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (WLBT) – Could beautification along a Hinds county highway block the view of oncoming traffic?

A complaint has been made to 3 on Your Side, but some motorists say there is another danger, a busy and deadly intersection.

If you travel Highway 18 West in Hinds county you will see more trees along the median where efforts are being made to improve the landscape.

But WLBT received a call saying the trees near the intersection at Midway Road make it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

Dayton Douglass lives on Midway Road and has to maneuver the intersection daily.

"We've lived here some years, and I think I've seen maybe 10 or 12 bad collisions," said Douglass.

The 31 year old Hinds county resident said the accidents all occurred before the trees were planted.

According to MDOT various cities, towns and counties request the use of medians to plant trees and make other improvements.

Upon approval they are then responsible for the upkeep and preventing roadway obstructions.

The complaint was about the trees and landscaping in the median, but motorists say the real problem is the danger at the intersection.

"The trees there they're not really inhibiting the view that much and growing up on this intersection it's always been dangerous. You know you've got this bit here where you've got to stop in order to get over," said the Hinds county resident.

Drivers have to contend with crossing high speed traffic at this intersection where close calls are common.

The stretch of roadway is near the Raymond city limits, but WLBT has learned that Hinds County Public Works is responsible for the placement of the trees.

"I would have to put it on the driver, be careful. This is a deadly intersection. It's dangerous here so pay attention" added Douglass.

A call placed to Hinds County Public Works Director Carl Frelix for comment regarding the tree complaint has not been returned.

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