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Fight crime, invest in kids

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mississippi law enforcement agencies and researchers are joining forces, encouraging the funding of early childhood education.

Their goal is to save money for special education and possible incarceration later.

The group, Fight Crime, Invest In Kids, is a fraternity of law enforcement across the country, dedicated to preventing crime and violence through education.

They're asking state and federal leaders to fully fund pre-k learning programs, because they believe the benefits would lead to lower incarceration rates and better citizens.

Tuesday, they held a press conference in Jackson with law enforcement, discussing the results of a recent study.

The study compared crime rates, and the need for special education with those who did not receive any education before kindergarten.

According to their results, people who did not receive early education were four times more likely to be arrested for drug felonies and twice as likely to be arrested for violent crimes.

"High quality early education for at risk kids has proven effective in helping children get the right start in life and avoiding crime later. It also creates benefits even sooner by reducing the need for special education, " said Jeff Kirsch, vice president of the education funding group.

In addition, members of Fight Crime, Invest In Kids say early education could also save the state millions of dollars.

According to their numbers, the state could save nearly $30 million dollars a year on special education, if they invested that money on education early on.

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