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How to get top mileage on your car

If you're trying to save money, slash debt or simply give yourself a challenge one place to start is with your car.

Experts say there's no reason to up on it at 100,000 or even 150,000 miles.

"The vehicles are much better than they used to be," says auto repair expert Bob Mullen.

Taking your car to 200,000 miles or beyond and it will pay you back with thousands of dollars in savings.

"The determining factor is predominantly how well you take care of your car," Mullen explains.

Mullen specializes in Audis and Volkswagens, but most modern cars are built for the long haul.

"The technology now is so much better, and the lubricants are better," he says. "We commonly see cars last in excess of 200,000. I've seen some last well over 400."

If you choose to go the distance with your vehicle, the key, Mullen says, is maintenance.

It's a good idea to check your owner's manual and follow it's advice.

If you notice a problem, don't ignore it.

"Along with that, do the repairs necessary, the brakes, the tires and so forth and take a proactive approach to repair, rather than a reactive," he advises.

It can be tough to avoid temptation of a new ride, but saving thousands in payments and insurance costs might for some be equally gratifying.

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