Education, business leaders wrap up forum on early education - - Jackson, MS

Education, business leaders wrap up forum on early education

RAYMOND, MS (WLBT) - Business and education leaders from across the nation are talking about early childhood education in the magnolia state.

They wrapped up a two-day forum on the topic Wednesday. Hosted by the Mississippi Center for Education Innovation, the conference was held at Eagle Ridge conference center in Raymond.

According to officials from MSCEI, early education is the key to getting kids ready for school and, eventually, the workforce.

Greg Taylor from the Kellogg Foundation said Mississippi is a critical state, because it spends millions less on early education than surrounding states.

"Historically, there have been disparities in this state. Racial, economic, social, and otherwise, and part of the reason we're here is not the only momentum that exists, but also recognizing that, so goes Mississippi, so goes the country," said Taylor.

Organizers say they hope there will one day be mandatory, state funded early education. For now, they're hoping to unite the various stakeholders in their cause.

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