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Woman found guilty on 8 counts false tax preparation

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By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The trial of Patricia Ann Sullivan also known as Patricia "Odom" continued on Wednesday with a verdict of "guilty" after several hours of deliberations.

Sullivan was initially charged initially with counts of fraudulent tax deductions on Monday. By Wednesday, two of these charges were dropped leaving the jury with the decision to indict Sullivan on 14 counts.  

They found her guilty of eight counts of false tax preparations and six not guilty.

"We were defending her and believed in Patricia's case, we expected a finding of not guilty on all counts," said defense attorney James Powell, III.

However, prosecutors say they were not surprised by the jury's decision.

"Miss Sullivan was a taxpayer who prepared false tax returns and this is what we expected guilty," said prosecuting pttorney Mike Hurst.

WLBT obtained an interview with a Jackson woman who says she's been caught up in the mix of Sullivan's false tax preparations.

The woman didn't want to be identified, but says she went to Sullivan for three years to file her taxes, and never received a copy of her returns.

For her 2010 tax return, she decided to contact the IRS and obtain a copy and says she found that false information was filed on her return. "I couldn't believe it at first, I couldn't believe it."

She says Sullivan owes her more than $3,000 dollars and has yet to press charges.

"I would like justice to be done if it takes her some time to go to jail for what she did, hurt people, I would like justice to be done."

Sullivan has been in the public eye for fraudulent deductions previously. In early 2009, protestors stood outside her place of employment, TNT Tax Service demanding a refund for their tax returns.

"People who file false tax returns hurt American citizens and we urge them not to violate the law. And if they do violate the law, we will come after them, we will find them guilty," Hurst said.

Meantime, Sullivan is on bond until December 15th when her formal sentencing will take place.

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