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Viking Classic; A Volunteer Affair

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Madison, MS (WLBT) It's Mississippi's only annual pro sporting event, and it's taking place in Madison this week. Friday the qualifying round was held at the Viking Classic continued at Annandale.

Golfers from around the country competing for a purse worth nearly half-a-million dollars.

Organizers say the golf tournament would not be possible if it wasn't for Viking range and a host of other sponsors who fund the event, but it's not all about money.

Mississippians who give their time are also an important part of the Viking Classic.  Across the course you will notice a sea of blue shirted volunteers helping out.

Tracy Ford, tournament planner says,"This tournament is really a testimony about Mississippi, and the folks of Mississippi and the great representative of who we are and coming together."

Ford says 750 volunteers will work the tournament every day, over 1000 in total this week.

 Everywhere you look there's a job to be done, from carrying the mobile scoreboards to putting up the hush ya'll signs when someone's about to hit their drive.

Tournament Director Randy Watkins says, "These are the best and the nicest and most enjoyable volunteers."

Because they work for free, there's more money to give to charity. The volunteers say the best part, it doesn't feel like work.

This year they hope to raise over $500,000.00.

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