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Resident feels she's being charged for unused water

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FLORA, MS (WLBT) - Weeks because a well drilled in 1942 finally ran out of water, a mile long line to a Flora well has restored service.

Joyce Taylor admits she didn't pay her bill during the time she had no water. She says her bill usually ran $58 or $59 a month, now suddenly she owes a bill of $73.93. She thinks she is being charged for water she didn't get and says she has plenty of neighbors in the same boat.

"I had to pay for water that I didn't use, and the bill is higher than it's ever been," Taylor said.

We called the Madison County supervisor for this area, Karl Banks, who sent us to the Road Manager Lawrence Morris.

Morris says there is no way Taylor is being charged for the time when there was no water, because that bill is only going out today.

"The new bill that coming out is, she should see a decrease in it because if she didn't use the water there ain't no way we can charge her for it. It's just now going out today. IIthink the secretary is putting them in the mail today, she is just making them out today," Morris added.

Morris has told us he will visit with the lady who is complaining and hopefully they can work it out.


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