Family makes plea to find elderly woman's killer - - Jackson, MS

Family makes plea to find elderly woman's killer

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – The matriarch of a Kosciusko family was found murdered inside her home Sunday sending shock waves throughout her close knit community.

Now authorities are following clues that will hopefully lead them to Cora Mae Robinson's killer.

"Her life was just brutally taken," said Robinson's grandson Timothy Mays.

Police tape surrounds the front porch of the home where Mays said his 86 year old grandmother usually sat waving to passersby.

Sunday law enforcement vehicles were parked in front of her Peachtree Street home, while investigators tried to determine who would kill a woman so well known in the community.

"She was always on the porch looking at what was going on and everybody that lived on the street by her they knew her...You were liable to see my grandmother walking down the highway if you didn't come in time to pick her up," said Mays.

Robinson's grandson stood among those gathered waiting for answers.

She had 13 children and lived alone in the Kosciusko home left to her by her deceased son.

The Jackson law clerk believes his grandmother last spoke with her sister Sunday morning before her body was discovered.

"She was lying on the ground with bruises on her face. They had a window that was up in the back. There was a gunshot, a bullet hole through her front window," said the 32 year old who lived with his grandmother for several years while his parents were serving overseas in the military.

Within the last year, Mays said his grandmother reported to Kosciusko police several times that someone was walking around her property at night.

He said ironically she recently finally agreed to move closer to relatives after previously refusing.

"Please if you know anything let the local authorities know," added Mays.

Kosciusko police and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations are conducting the probe.

Attala County Coroner Sam Bell said autopsy results revealed that Robinson died of blunt force trauma.

No other details were released.

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