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Woman sees Jesus in MRI

GREER, SC (NBC) - A South Carolina woman says she made a divine discovery when she picked up her MRI results recently.

Tammie Cohrs said she sees Jesus in the MRI image.

The Greer resident said she sees his eyes, nose and mouth, and even a crown of thorns.

Cohrs was recently diagnosed with a rare form of oral cancer.

She said her faith has helped her stay positive over the past few months, and when she had to have an MRI scan, she asked Jesus to be with her.

"As soon as they put me in there, I just started praying," Cohrs said.

Cohrs said what happened while she was having the MRI scan brought her to tears.

"I just had this wonderful experience that I was with Him," Cohrs said.

Cohrs said the image is proof that Jesus was indeed with her.

"I just think it's amazing," Cohrs said. "I don't care what anybody else thinks."

Cohrs will be meeting with doctors at the Cancer Center of the Carolinas on Tuesday to review her MRI results.

She said she is looking forward to hearing what doctors have to say about her discovery.
Cohrs plans to hold on to the MRI image.

"Just keep it as a reminder that He is with us through the hard times, not only the good times when everything is going great, but He is also with us when things get hard and difficult," Cohrs said.

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