MOST WANTED: Can you help solve these crimes? - - Jackson, MS

MOST WANTED: Can you help solve these crimes?

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Think of this MOST WANTED as a game of clue. You provide the clues, the cops will solve the mystery. So let the games begin. The crime; felony shoplifting. September 22nd a man was caught on surveillance video, he's obviously into a little home entertainment.

The unidentified crook allegedly rips off not one,  but two 40 inch television sets according to law enforcement. Then sets himself up with a stereo surround system. According to Jackson police he simply loads it up in his shopping cart and walks out the door by passing the checkout counter.

An employee said this person had 2 flying flags of some sort flying on his vehicle and children's names painted the rear window.

Now check out another unidentified person of interest. She's in the market for some hot sunglasses, very hot. Talk about a shady deal. The cops say her friend who was returning a pair of Gucci's, allegedly distracted the employee while this woman allegedly stole $1,200 dollars worth of shades. In fact, police showed us evidence of her caught on camera putting one pair down her shirt, then bags more in her purse.

Ridgeland police say both women are from Hattiesburg.  The friend claims the accused shoplifter is a hairdresser in Hattiesburg. The heavy set woman appears to be sporting a camouflage hat, brown shirt and a long necklace.

Ridgeland detectives hope you can shine some sunlight on this by identifying the mystery shopper.

Call Jackson Police at 601-960-1234, Ridgeland Police at 601-856-2121 or Crimestoppers at 601-355-TIPS.

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