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"Excel By 5" Summit on early childhood education

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi's First Lady Marsha Barbour had a few words to say Wednesday about early childhood education at the annual "Excel By 5" Summit.

"Hopefully Mississippi will work through some of these fiscal problems and find the monies to help the right organizations that are going to do the best and the most for the kids." said First Lady Marsha Barbour.

This event was a chance for volunteers of the organization to brainstorm ideas on how to better educate Mississippi's youngest population.

"Excel" volunteers work with day care centers and parents all over the state to help children.

"There is so much that they need to know, and through the efforts that we put forth in Excel By 5, those things can be me." said Patrice McCullum, "Excel By 5" volunteer.

Experts say when children are not prepared for school by kindergarden, the likelihood increases of them falling a grade behind.

"And the children can be happy, healthy and ready to enter kindergarden." said McCullum.

"Excel By 5" volunteers are located in 23 different communities in 11 counties throughout Mississippi.

Mississippi is one of several states in the nation without a state-funded early childhood education program.

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