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Jackson crime stats tracked online

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By David Kenney - bio | email 

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Tracking crime in your neighborhood is easy as clicking your mouse.

The city of Jackson compiles all the data so you can be more aware of problems in your community. Crime reports for the capital city are all online.

The city of Jackson has been offering this service since 2007.

On the city of Jackson web site, under the Jackson Police Department link, crime reports from across the city are listed.

The reports are broken down by precinct, and include detailed maps of where crimes occur, and what types of crimes they are.

Residents can see week by week what crimes are taking place near their home, guiding them on what precautionary steps they should take.

Andrea Flowers from south Jackson says, "I think it's best to be aware and keep others aware that way if we all try to stick together, maybe we can override what they're doing."

There's also information comparing crime levels from year to year, which can be helpful to see if there's a rise or drop in crime near you.

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