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Hinds CC student attacked on Raymond campus

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

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 RAYMOND, MS (WLBT) - A Hinds Community College student was attacked on campus.  Dexter Russell's son is a freshman living and studying at Hinds Community College in Raymond.  He did not want his son to be identified for fear of retaliation from his attackers.

The Hinds Community College Freshman was running on the track at Raymond Wednesday evening, September 29th.  His father said the student never saw his attackers coming for him.

"Someone hit him from behind, hit him in the back of the head.  Then two more joined in and they beat him up pretty bad," said Russell, the father of the injured student.

The beating was so severe two teeth were knocked out and will have to be replaced.  Russell said it lasted several minutes and believed the attackers were after his son's money.

"It makes me extremely angry.  You would expect that he would be at school and everything would be safe, but obviously not," said Russell.

It was not the first time violence has erupted on campus this year.  WLBT contacted Hinds Community College and received the following statement from the Public Information Office, "The incident is being investigated and leads are being followed.  However, this is the first such incident on the campus this year, with one exception.  Three students were involved in a fight after a school dance in September, and they have been expelled."

"I believe their security is a little bit lax.  I believe they don't have enough security officers.  They don't have enough security cameras," said Russell.

There are security cameras near the track, but Russell said they didn't capture his son's attackers.

"I just don't want anything to happen to anyone else.  It's bad that it happened to my son, but I don't want anything to happen to other students, teachers, staff, faculty, anybody visiting. I don't want anything to happen to anyone," said Russell.

Hinds Community College officials told WLBT they are required to report all campus crime under the Cleary Act.  For the last two reported years, one aggravated assault on campus has been reported per year.

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