Suspected bank robber captured - - Jackson, MS

Suspected bank robber captured

COPIAH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Lawmen believe they have solved a three week old bank heist. SWAT team members surrounded a home in Durant Thursday night and nabbed the suspect. ELmer James Baker of Hazlehurst is being held in the Copiah county jail.

The 52-year-old man is charged with armed robbery of a bank. Police say he held up the Trustmark Bank branch in Wesson. The bank heist occurred September 16th. According to authorities, Baker was wearing a motorcycle helmet, when he entered the bank. He allegedly pointed held a teller at gunpoint and demanded money. Then he took off on a bicycle.

Investigators quickly narrowed down the suspect. According to Wesson Police Chief Chad O'Quinn Friday, "We made confirmation on who he was which then a search warrant was obtained, ran it at this house with the assistance of the county. We did recover property from the residence that we believe was obtained from this robbery."

Baker surrender peacefully. Authorities say the case will be handed over to a grand jury.

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