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Beauty queen loses crown over scuffle

MADISON COUNTY, KY (NBC) - The first "Miss Kentucky Latina" has been stripped of her title and is facing felony charges after she allegedly assaulted two people in Madison County, KY.

Daniela Gaskie, 22, is the reigning Miss Kentucky Latina, a first for the state.

She was arrested last Wednesday in Richmond and is charged with two counts of assault after two separate attacks.

Police say Gaskie first stabbed Swifty employee Jonathan Carpenter in the neck with a pen after he didn't let her into the gas station.

Police say Gaskie apparently then ran across the street and got into a fight with pharmacist Mary Ann McKinley in the parking lot of M&M drugs.

The 59-year old pharmacist says Gaskie punched her in the stomach, kicked her and tried to bite her.

Police say they believe alcohol was a factor in the alleged attacks.

Pageant directors for the Miss Latina U.S. pageant in Miami say they are very disappointed Gaskie was arrested.

Acirema Alayeto, the president of Miss Latina U.S., said Tuesday that Gaskie "no longer represents the organization."

Gaskie paid a $10,000 cash bond the same day she was arrested and was released from the Madison County Detention Center.

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