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Drought threatens to dry up cattle farmers profits

By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Drought like conditions across the state have sparked several grass fires in recent weeks. Now the dry grass is causing some concern for Mississippi's cattle farmers.

Cattle farmers say this is the driest they've seen since 2000. 

Many say they are having to use special methods to keep their cattle fed. Most of the grazing grass that grows naturally in their pastures has dried up.

Many farmers are now having to bring in supplemental feed like hay or corn. A lack of rain is also causing problems for water supplies on farms.

Cattle Farmer Lee Herren says, "Some pastures you have to supplement water, we have got some creeks on our property but they have dried up and we are putting in water troughs now."

In recent weeks, the price of cattle feed has begun to creep up, most likely due to demand.

Farmers tells us the more they have to feed their cattle, the larger the cut they take in their profit margins.

To avoid that they're hoping enough rain comes in the coming months so the winter grass will be able to grow, and hold their cattle over till spring.

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