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Creek receives facelift

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It helps to provide a place for rain water to runoff during storms, and it's one of Jackson's natural streams.

Eubanks Creek plays a special role in Jackson's waterway system, and Friday it received a facelift from residents and city leaders.

 Friday morning volunteers joined Mayor Harvey Johnson for the stream clean event, picking up trash from inside and along the creek bed.

Wearing creek cleaning attire, Mayor Johnson addressed the media saying, "It's an easy thing sometimes to throw trash or discard things into creeks because they're out of sight, out of mind but that's absolutely the wrong thing to do."

Dozens of pieces of litter could be seen from the staging area.  Adopt A Stream coordinator Debra Veeter says, "A lot of what's going on here is called non point source run off where everything from the land is going into these streams then polluting them so therefore if we keep the land and these smaller tributaries clean then we keep the bigger ones clean easier."

The creek empties out near the Jackson water treatment plant. Even more reason to keep it clean.

Debris in the creek also directly impacts the degree of flooding during heavy rains. The Eubanks is known to overflow it's banks during storms, causing a headache for those who live nearby.

Organizers hope that by educating people on the dangers of littering in creeks,  they can keep the trash out for good.

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