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3 On Your Side: More bad luck on Lucky Street

By Cheryl Lasseter - bio|email|twitter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In August 2009, 3 On Your Side revealed the stumps and overgrown brush at the end of Lucky Street in Jackson. People who live there said they couldn't get the city to respond. After our story, the city went out and cleared away the debris.

What hasn't been fixed since last year is the culvert that runs behind the houses. While the city cleaned it out in 2009, it's still not shored up with concrete or riff raff. Metal fences continue to sink in.

Georgia Williams says heavy rain washes trash up in her back yard, and the ground is eroding. "I'm worried about that tree," Williams says, pointing to a tree at the edge of the ditch. "That tree gonna fall on my house one day." Williams tells us she has not reported the problem to the city herself.

But another neighbor, Anthony Davis, says he called just last week about a myriad of problems.

"Last month a gas line burst right there," he says, pointing to a dirt-covered area at the end of a driveway, next to the curb. "We came out one morning, the stench was so strong, we had to call the fire department. Reminds me of California a couple of months ago when a whole neighborhood blew up."

And at a neighbor's house, a massive crack has appeared in the driveway. "This lady just did her driveway last year. This year, look at it," Davis says.

Davis believes the eroding ditch is causing the ground to shift, and nothing can be maintained. Neighbors say if the ditch isn't shored up soon, the area will be unlivable.

3 On Your Side called Councilwoman Margaret Barrett Simon about the problem. She sent out a supervisor with the City of Jackson's Community Improvement Division.

That employee couldn't talk on camera, but told us it's a job for public works, and she would alert that department to the erosion issue.

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