Second suspect in huge marijuana bust spotted - - Jackson, MS

Second suspect in huge marijuana bust spotted

BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - A manhunt is underway for the second of two suspects in a big marijuana bust that happened Thursday.

The state highway patrol spotted the Hispanic male at a retail store on Highway 80 in Brandon on Saturday, just west of the east Brandon exit.

MHP Sergeant James Walker says he expects to review surveillance video from the store the suspect visited.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol seized the marijuana in a drug bust on I-20 between Brandon and Pelahatchie Thursday.

The routine traffic stop on I-20 eastbound turned up some 200 pounds of marijuana. The pot was stacked roof-high in the back of a black SUV with Texas plates. 

State troopers say the smugglers barely tried to conceal it. A blanket over the pot and fabric softener poured on the backseat. 

"The trooper that stopped them said he knows it's unusual to have it just laid here in the back wide open but did have a little blanket over it. You could smell it from a half mile away," said Sgt. Walker. 

Authorities say the Hispanic driver jumped out and escaped into a thickly wooded area. Heavily armed lawmen scoured the area with tracking dogs. 

WLBT's Skycopter 3 and MetroOne airborne law enforcement assisted in the search.  

The passenger, a Hispanic male, indicated he did not speak English. He was asked, "Where's your partner? What are you doing with all that illegal pot in the truck. Where did you come from? Texas?" 

The suspect was taken into custody and the SUV and pot were seized as evidence. 

Interstate 20 is a highly traveled thoroughfare and known illegal drug corridor.

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