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Florida Gators take on Vicksburg

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VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) - For years, the Vicksburg High Gators have used the University of Florida Gators logo to promote their school and athletics.

Now, the school is being told those actions could land them in a court of law.

Last month, Vicksburg High officials say they received a letter from the collegiate licensing company that represents the University of Florida, telling them to stop using their gator head logo immediately.

Vicksburg-Warren School Superintended Lisa Durant-Swinford says, "It was kinda surprising, they're asking us to stop using the mark the gator head, the one with the circle."

School officials say they use several different Gator logos throughout their schools, so the impact should be minimal.

"We love were the Gators, we have a lot of pride in that mascot but this is not a big deal to us," says teacher and cheer coach Jennifer Grey.

They have agreed to comply with the Florida Gators request, and have already taken down some banners on campus that had the logo on them.

In their letter, the collegiate licensing company says that the widespread use of their logo interferes with their ability to effectively market and license the use of their mark.

Vicksburg High officials say they never used the logo as a money making tool, but as a way to promote their school, and build school spirit.

The University of Florida has sent similar letters to other high schools around the country, that use the gator in their logos.

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