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Outrage over strip club billboards

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson's mayor is asking a local strip club owner to remove some "racy" billboards that have prompted angry residents to contact WLBT and the city.

In a letter sent to the owner of Danny's, Mayor Harvey Johnson says, in part, "while we can appreciate your business's desire to aggressively advertise, there has been an immense amount of public outcry within a last couple of days regarding the explicit nature of the billboards. I respectfully request you remove the billboards that have been erected throughout the city of Jackson."

Thousands of travelers and commuters pass by the billboards daily. You can't miss them alongside Interstate 55 north near Savannah, and I-220 near Medgar Evers Boulevard. They show a scantily clad woman. But it's the message that has folks up in arms: "strippers love to climb our pole".

The sexually explicit content has angered a number of Jackson residents who tell us these billboards are vulgar and offensive. We went to Danny's Strip Club to see if they would take them down. Danny's said it's nothing more than an advertisement. That's about all the comment they had on this controversial matter.

A spokesman for Jackson said the city doesn't regulate content. When we told one woman it was a freedom of speech matter she replied, "What about my rights to ride down and see something like that on the highway?"

Some WLBT viewers have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney General's Office to complain.

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