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"The Fall of the House of Zeus" ~ Curtis Wilkie

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi author and Ole Niss professor Curtis Wilkie said Wednesday it was Dickie Scruggs' "need to win" that lead to his downfall.

The wealthy trial lawyer, his son and several associates were convicted of conspiring to bribe a judge in order to win a lawsuit.

The lawyers were stripped of their law licenses and most remain in jail.

Wilkie penned, "The Fall of the House of Zeus."

This is how he described his extensive research for the book.

"I got a bigger and better pictures of just how enormous this story is and how many people are involved in so many powerful people in this state." Wilkie said.

"Not to say that they are all involved in some criminal activity, but there is a huge network of people who fix things and scratch each others backs and that's the heart of the story." Wilkie said.

The former Boston Globe journalist told the packed audience at the William Winter Archives and History building that he conducted over 200 interviews and used FBI recordings that were never made public, to tell his story about the crime and corruption.

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