NAACP rally speaking out against Tea Party "extremism" - - Jackson, MS

NAACP rally speaking out against Tea Party "extremism"

JACKSON, Miss, (WLBT) -- The NAACP held a rally at the state capitol on Wednesday speaking about the Tea Party Activism around the country and in Mississippi.

The rally was in light of a national report released by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights.

In the report it discusses certain areas of the country where Tea Partiers have crossed the line and conducted in "racist" behavior.

However, the report mentions major cities like New York, Houston, and Las Vegas, but it does not mention anywhere in Mississippi.

Nonetheless, NAACP state chapter President, Derrick Johnson says they are concerned with these findings.

"We cannot afford in the state of Mississippi to go backwards." Johnson continued, "It is bad across the country."

Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party chapter, Roy Nicholson said these findings are "preposterous" and another reason to attack the group.

"When you're whole agenda is based on ideas that are philosophically and rationality bankrupt, about all your left is name calling," Nicholson said.

Congressional elections are less than two weeks away, but Johnson said this rally has nothing to do with the voting public rather.

Rather he says it's about human rights. 

"At a time when our country should unite because of our fiscal crisis, we're finding our country going back to a negative passed history that we should not support."

On the other hand, Nicholson says Tea Partiers in Mississippi do not support any "extremist" behavior.

"I have not met anybody was connected to a white supremist group, or anti-black group or an anti-immigrant group. We've none of those people to my knowledge get involved."

Nicholson also says he thinks this initiative from the NAACP is about the upcoming Nov. 2nd election because Republican Bill Marcy is running against long time incumbent Democrat Bennie Thompson.

Marcy has supported the Tea Party movement and has spoken at rallies in the past.  

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