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Michael Black makes crime headlines...again

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Michael Black is again in the news, running from police.  His latest arrest came Thursday morning near downtown, where he bailed out of a car, following a high speed chase , then ran several blocks before his capture.

Police say he was armed, and carrying a sizeable amount of crack, which he tried to hide behind an abandoned house.

Assistant Chief Lee Vance responded saying, "We've got to find out why the Michael Blacks of the world are not in prison. Today is an example of when we put officers at risk, we put citizens at risk, when we are chasing him down city streets and running through weeds trying to apprehend him every six months for committing felony crimes."

Black emerged as a rising criminal threat in 2006, when Skycopter 3 caught images of him being arrested. Jackson police officers could be seen striking him as he was led into a police car.

Black also tried to run from officers Thursday, after they had surrounded him and two other burglary suspects in a house in south Jackson.

Since then, police say he's led a life of crime, five arrests for auto theft, four times for possession of stolen items, twice for possession of narcotics, two times for simple assault. He has two shoplifting arrests, and one arrest for house burglary.

"It would be one situation if it was just him but he represents a group of individuals that we have to continue to arrest over and over for felony crimes in this city and I'm outraged as to why they don't get any prison time," says Vance.

In his latest arrest, Black is being charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of crack, felony evading and numerous traffic violations. 

 Vance says, "it makes me wonder how many times are we going to have to arrest him on felonies before he goes to prison for a long time."

Black's latest gun charge could land him in jail for a minimum of ten years if they follow up on federal felony charges.

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